Do You Want To Become Cheerful In A Finger Snap? Learn To Manage Your State Through Your Body! — Captions

Hello Everyone.

Today we start a program, which is devoted to our own state management, to the methods of easy implementation of states into our body.

We spoke already about it at our seminars «How to Stay Young» and «How to Gain Additional Energy and to Reach Any Ambitious Aim». It was also one of the tasks in our «Resource Potential Training».

We continue to move further on.

Now I share this with the participants of our project. This will be the work together with me, I will help adjust the body to the slightest shades of states needed. This course is devoted to our mornings, to the way we wake up and how we meet a new day.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to wake up in a right way. When you wake up, get up, do some rituals, as I call it, from the very morning, you are then inspired for the whole day. In fact when we fall asleep we die in some kind of sense and you should come alive again in a proper way.

I suggest you to join our program, to join what we are doing. I will help you to adjust. The video today is explanatory; it’s aimed to teach you what should be done and to tell you how it will happen.

I would like to remind you what the term «anchor, psychological anchor» means. At the moment we speak about the fact that we have certain understanding of every state, every word, everything in our life. If we speak about the chair, we imagine some kind of chair with special legs, sit and back, and you draw your own picture of a certain chair.

By the way the chairs may be different. Write down what chair have you thought about right now.

The work has already begun. Watching this video do the tasks at once, put your comments immediately. In such a way your work will be visual and it’s very important to make things at once. This will be a good practice for you. I am waiting for your comments on my site

Wherever you are watching this video, please find the link below and put comments on the site. I will follow them, I will reply them and I will help you.

As well as you have certain image of a chair, we all have some definite understanding of a state we have in our body.

Let’s take cheerfulness for example. Everybody needs to be cheerful in the morning! Most people at our training mentioned it as a desirable state in the morning. Lots of people want to get up and be cheerful at once!

Just imagine in the morning you are waking up, stretching and yawning…You are not cheerful at all, you feel your body, and you are coming back into your body. You feel your arms and legs, you were not in your body, if you know it, you were quite in another state, and you start to come to life and you start to enter your body with your soul. Here our task is to cheer ourselves up in the most proper way.

In fact it depends on how you have fallen asleep, it’s also very important, because we rejuvenate while sleeping. If you have fallen asleep after some quarrels, conflicts, being upset, after some action or horror film, you take all these into your sleep. It means you fall asleep in a wrong way.

Now we speak about how to wake up. If you had a bad sleep, were restless, had bad dreams, did not get enough sleep, still this state can be improved. You can build up you inner state yourself.

As to the cheerfulness… Just now, I will even put it down as a second task for you. The first one was to write about the chair, the second is to write down all the associations with the word «Cheerfulness».

Remember what cheerfulness means for you? Recall the state when you were cheerful. In which situation was it? Where was it? In which place? Recall the situation when you felt 100% cheerful.

Was it at least once in your life? — 100% it was!

Have you recalled? So what did you do when you were cheerful? What did you achieve?

When I say «Cheerfulness», my body reacts; I am sure 100% you also start to move, because your body begins to react. You have certain associations about it and recall when you were cheerful, that’s all! The work has already begun. I suggest you to make this work more intensive. It’s a wonderful technique.

How do we do this?

When I say the word «Cheerfulness», when we think of the necessity to be cheerful, to wake up, to start a new day in an active way, to make a plan or to fulfill the plan made before, the cheerful state arises.

Now the third thing you do together with me. As you feel cheerful, you close your eyes and listen to your body, you try to realize how cheerfulness is associated with your body, where it is in your body.

This is called a body anchor, so now you should define your body anchor for the word «Cheerfulness». What feelings do you have in your body to the word «Cheerfulness»?

People with whom we worked at the seminar told that they have this feeling somewhere in their chest, sometimes in their arms, the feeling of tingling as energy flows, or the feeling of something warm or cold.  Associations may be different, but as you think of the cheerfulness, you concentrate on it. Now as you are concentrated, define for yourself where these feelings appear.

One more time, together with me, close your eyes and feel the cheerfulness. You may repeat the word to yourself or listen to my voice, but you need to arouse the feeling of cheerfulness.

You can see how the body starts to react and how the motion begins. This is the reaction to the word, this is how it works and our task is to make this body anchor stronger. So that later on you can restore the state due to these feelings. For example I now start to feel some heat, some movement of energy, some blood flow in my palms. I begin to spring all over, to jump, my upper part begins to move. It’s not the body anchor as it is, but as I am a very active person, I am moving already. I feel creeps in my feet. Try to feel it together with me and define how it is for you, what is this state for you. I feel creeps in my feet and up to the knees sidewards in my legs. That’s where my cheerfulness is. I am sure that if I go on it will be all over my legs. I am already moving, and activity adds up at this moment, it’s my second state and these two states turn out to be interrelated for me.

With you it can be a different way. Your task is to work out your own body anchor of cheerfulness. For me it’s like this.

What should you do right now?

I write down my body anchor and you put down what you have felt. You may even draw. So I had sensations in my palms, I need to draw them. I draw it like arrows, you may simply put dots.

You can just write it down, like «Creeping sensations in the palms.»

What else? I draw a special sign, for me it means flexibility. I write «Movements in shoulder girdle». And my feet and legs. I write down «Heat and creep in the feet and legs up to the knees sidewards.»

These are my sensations, for another person it’s different.

What is the task now? You should now make a description of how you feel it in your body. Each state, each feeling, each word, in fact has some place. There is some place where Cheerfulness lives in your body.

When you work psychologically with your inner parts it is the same. It’s a great thing. I got to know it from the Sufi course I attended by Norbekov. Maybe somebody was there as well, the workshop called «Success». I took it not from the psychology, but from that workshop. They work with 100 states there. Then I learned the NLP course and got to know what anchors are. I started to make associations, and I think to work with body anchors is the best and the most interesting thing as we perceive everything through the body. It brings you nearer to yourself.

This helps you to tune up to the right food, to the dreams you have. Intuition develops in an excellent way. And besides, you learn to manage your inner state.

What is the result of all these?

When you start to work, you can feel the state according to the written down notes. It’s our fourth task. Just now close your eyes and try to feel the state of cheerfulness.

You can imagine the creeps in your feet, the heat in your palms, in your chest, maybe in your shoulder blades, you may rise to the tiptoes like I do, move your upper part of the body.

That’s all! I have aroused cheerfulness to my body!

Then you may increase this feeling!

Try to make the feeling stronger, close your eyes and imagine the creeps stronger in the same parts, try to go up, up and up to the next and next level of cheerfulness.

In fact your cheerfulness has no bounds!

Cheerfulness for somebody is not cheerfulness for me.

My cheerfulness is just a normal state of wakening up in somebody’s else understanding. You can now manage your state yourself.

Make your state stronger and stronger and stronger. Imagine cheerfulness spreading in the parts of your body more and more and more.

When you reach the maximum, increase it 10 times more and feel it.

Imagine that right now the particles of cheerfulness spread to each and every part of your body, to each cell of it. Imagine it like a snowball increasing inside and feel how it happens inside.

How do you feel? Have your shoulders spread? You may already be likely to fly and eager to do something with your cheerfulness. You may be so cheerful that you need action right now. Do you feel it?

May be right now when I say the word «Cheerfulness» you begin to feel some new accents of the feeling somewhere.

So what should you do?

You should feel all these and put a body anchor. In addition you should increase it as many times as possible. In fact you need some time for this possibly two or three minutes, maybe a little less.

When we worked at our seminar I counted from 1 to 10 to give the participants time to achieve the necessary state. So you need to count up to 10 and you are in the state. Later on it’ll happen at a finger snap. You will be able to arouse your states quickly when you get to know your body anchors. You will be the master of your states. You may work through the word and recollection to achieve the state of cheerfulness, but to work with your body is much more effective. It’s ten times faster. You will understand it when you start practicing it.

What’s next?

The next is practice. This is the only thing you need. You have done it right now, I suggest you to repeat it throughout a day. Do it 5 times for 1 minute. Devote 1-2 minutes to this state, look for new places where cheerfulness is concentrated. Find it out and write it down.

We will work with all the states.

At the training we had Inspiration, Gratitude, Love, all the states we need. This program I will include into the course «Cleaning the Vitals and Reducing Your Waist and Hips in the Morning». In the morning we make a wonderful exercise, which lasts 3 minutes, all the states will be packed in it, and each inhale you will take in the necessary state. You should learn to do it in 5 inhales and exhales as we do it while training.

At each training we are able to draw this state to our body making inhale and exhale. At our trainings we work effectively with the qualities we need, we exhale everything which is not necessary, all the toxins we have and inhale the qualities we want to.  But you have to teach yourself to do it to work it out, so that it is really achieved in a finger snap. But your initial task is to learn to concentrate and focus on it and to anchor it in your body.

The body is extremely appreciative thing you have, it’s really so!

To learn managing your body, your state, not only in the physical aspect, but in the psychological one as well is really great!

As soon as you master this knowledge, you become almighty. You will be able to achieve any aim, because you will be able to arouse the states of being cheerful, active, brave, whatever.

But you should learn to anchor it, so that it really happens in a finger snap. So your task is to practice it, to write down all your anchors, to add your description how it is for you at present moment. The first task you have already done and then you add your further tasks to the page we have. This page will be the concentration of cheerfulness, activity, enthusiasm, energy — everything which is interrelated with it.

Now I feel that one overlaps another already. I worked a lot with it and I have a lot of states interrelated. I wrote down the qualities which I needed. I once made a task when I had to put down all the negative qualities and to give their positive equivalents, I worked with it. I can change states as I worked with them for many years, you can feel it listening to me. I repeated some things great many of times in my life and now the states are interconnected to words. I have affirmations and phrases which work for me, creating special condition of my mind. I suggest you to master it as well, because this is the simplest existing way.

So, as to the morning. How should the morning begin? I suggest just to write out all the states which you want to experience today. As we have just begin the topic, I want to make the investigation together. It is connected to our nutrition as well, I want you to support me and to tell me if it’s interesting to you to become a researcher in this sphere. We will have a page devoted to the state of being cheerful.

The rest will be continued at the training «Unlimited Potential» and the program «Cleaning the Vitals».

If you join us, we will work together.

I will work exclusively with those who are ready for that, who are interested in that, who will go further with us. This video is for you to test yourself, for you to understand if it suits you, if the idea fascinates you. But my primary intention is to create a general all-inclusive model of cheerfulness, which will suit and become a standard to everybody.

Like, for example, 5 states in the morning. We have an exercise in the morning for cleaning our vitals we inhale, exhale, make movements with our stomach, and when we make an inhale again after we have almost practiced death, we make it with the most emotional connection to the state and we inhale through the body anchor we have created before.

This is an incredibly powerful thing. When we try to anchor 5 states at a time, a certain … I would say dish is created to awake zest for life, zest to this very day.

I think it will be a very interesting investigation, why people choose, for example, these very 5 states, why other 5 states were chosen by another person?

How for instance a state of love will change the whole day if added to this complex of states. I would like to investigate which states will help to achieve the result needed.

If we take for example cheerfulness, being active, strong, powerful… which else state do I like…state of action. What do we have together?

It’s the state of a person who really works hard and is productive. If to add creativity to this… do you feel how the dish is changed, how the components are changed we are going to consist of.

How will the state change if to add up there sexuality, playfulness, naughtiness? This will be quite another state and quite another day.

I am sure it will be possible to form some kind of delicacy out of all these 5 states for yourself, which will help you spend your day in a creative way, for example. Or if we need to achieve certain aim we should add up this, this and this to ourselves, like we do it with food.

I believe that every foodstuff has its character and every character has its food, and in the same way choosing certain products to eat you form your character. There is incredible possibility here to manage yourself.

I am waiting for a feedback from you. How did you like it? Put the «like» if it was interesting to you. Fulfill the task, keep doing it throughout the day several times.

We will move further on with you and create a complex of such states to bring you to the incredibly resource state.

I invite you to our course «Cleaning the Vitals and Reducing Your Waist and Hips in the Morning», which will awake you in a wonderful way.

I invite you to our course «Cheerful Warming Up», I made in Spain and Cyprus with picturesque views which will inspire and give energy to you.

I invite you to any of the courses I offer, and

I am waiting for you at the next training of my MagicOn Club.


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