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Hello Everyone!

мозг и штанга

Today I would like to tell you a little about what my training is.

Let’s start from the very beginning.

1. 1. What is the main mistake and the cause of failure great many of people who have decided to lose weight make?

It’s in how they usually act:

  • They start training
  • and keep to a diet

In general, it’s correct. And it can be quite enough to lose weight , without doing anything else. You can even . not train, but just take 1000 calories a day. What can be easier? ))

And now, please remember a person, who has lost his extra 5-10-20 kilos, you meet him and see him light with pleasure. Then you go to dine somewhere together and watch his behavior. He makes his choice of dishes in quite a different way; he eats less than the others and feels at ease and quite natural.

That is when you realize that you see a newly born person! ! Looking at him you feel delight, admiration and respect. That is the point where your wish to take care of yourself appears and you make up your mind start a new life…

You start going to the gym and keeping a diet!

You show your will power and make your body get fit through your self-control.

This is the way of effort and compulsion! It works in our society, we were taught it since childhood. We were often told that “No pain, no gain” !.

The results, lost centimeters and success come only to those who sweat their blood!

I agree completely that a person, who has lost a pile of fat from his belly, arms, legs and hips is worth respe anyway. It’s his work on himself. He is with no doubt has conquered his inner weaker self . Such person has become stronger with his body as well as with his mind.

Such person has passed the way of self-improvement, personal growth and self-development.

Going the way of his will power he packed up his bad habits and now can keep himself in shape all the time restricting himself.

2. What I offer my clients – is the techniques of the simultaneous self-improvement from inside as well as outside!

We follow not the way of restrictions and diets, but the way of

  • interesting investigations,
  • exciting experience,
  • self-analysis,
  • following our inner compulsions,
  • achieving our own individual fit potential

As soon as you’ve taken the decision, like —

  • “I can’t live as such anymore!”,
  • “I feel myself quite another person, but extra weight prevents me from finding my own place in this life!”,
  • “My features are dissolved in fat!,
  • “How long can it continue?! Extra weight and continuous breakdowns prevent me from living at full and get a lungful of fresh air!”,
  • “How much can I think of losing weight?!”

— That is the very time to turn to your inner growth, to start changing and transforming yourself from inside.

In my coaching sessions I lead you into the multifeatured, multifunctional, 3D-formatted work on yourself.

A person is a comprehensive whole. Just physical training is only 5% of the whole pie named “Slim figure”.

“The first thing getting fat is your mind”! — I have an article entitled this way.

That’s where you should start from!

Training our mind we train our muscles, and while exercising we involve our brain as well!!

That is a multilevel work.

Such kind of multi-layered work allows to

  • reduce considerably the time of achieving your aim,
  • increase results 100%,
  • get immediate return on your investment into training.

Do you like to get it all and right away?

  • To see your tummy suck in,
  • To reduce several centimeters in 1training term,
  • To lose 1 kilo in 40 minutes of crazy high efficiency!

This is impossible to reach only due to the physical training.

For you to gain confidence in yourself and your body potential you should make yourself believe it.

To be more precise, you should overpersuade yourself. It means you should substitute your belief about long trainings and diets , with another one about effective intensive work-outs and taking food intuitively.

To make this substitution in our minds we make analysis of ourselves and of the others, we find out stumbling blocks, whims, unnecessary attitudes and programs absorbed in the childhood from our parents, teachers, advertisings, and other attacks on our mind and body with plenty of information and tricks.

While training we make interesting exercises, due to which we alter our inner references, incorrect attitude to ourselves, to weight, to training, to food.

This is the easiest, the quickest and the most effective way to get acquainted with yourself, to realize what you really need and to proceed to further much more ambitious aims than just model look and healthy food!

Due to my training and techniques, you get the shape you have been always dreaming ofbut more than that, you start to live! You start living your life at full without constant struggle against your weight and against your fat rolls.

Your body becomes a tool for reaching the most ambitious aims, ideas, wishes or dreams!

I teach you what I have achieved myself:

  • You can train 30-40 minutes 4 times a week
  • You can continuously improve your ideally shaped body,
  • You can get satisfaction from the process,
  • You can be inspired with the real achievements in your bright and beautiful life,
  • You can take the best of healthy food,
  • • All these you can do because you want to thank yourself and your body in such a way for the work performed!

I invite you to join my live and online training!

I am waiting for you and your dreams, for your tremendous hidden luggage of talents and unexplored superpotential in our team!….

You Coach

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