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Hello everyone!

My video-answer today is for those who may get lost in the maze of my site!

If you want to get the understanding about the right direction to move and to get the results like the participants of my project achieve from the very beginning you should get the point of our lifestyle.

You can find the articles “A Thank-You letter to the Participants of the Training” (in Russian) and “Be Envious!” (in Russian), as well as photo reports, which you can read in addition to those in “Success stories”:

You should understand the main principles we use in our training and nutrition:

  1. “Video-answer about the work-outs selection!” (in Russian)
  2. “Why to alter the work-outs.” (in Russian)
  3. “How should people with great excess weight train?” (in Russian)
  4. “How to lose weight in a week.”
  5. “What is the difference between the circuit training and interval training?” (in Russian)
  6. “Do the diets work?” (in Russian)
  7. “Eat carbs twice a day!” (in Russian)
  8. “The right food! We burn off fat by all means!” (in Russian)
  9. “Three main reasons of lack of results” (in Russian)

There are hundreds videos and articles on the topic. Everything is important! To my mind there is nothing what can be missed. You may notice that I repeat certain points several times here and there. It means that these are the basics I keep to and want you to comprehend. It often happens when I notice this very problem in your questions.

There are interesting vital problems, which we discuss on our site, at training courses and in real life. I like to develop a theme, train and solve the problem finally. This is the points to think over and to work at, which motivate to achieve results:

I can give you a great many of links, study the site. Look at every section, read the articles about fitness, nutrition and psychology. There are piles of video at my youtube channel …

Tremendous work is waiting for you. Take the first steps and start moving gradually forward, work everything out thoroughly. The success is then guaranteed to you the next day! Nothing will stop you anymore!

As to the work outs:

  • If you choose the work out which is not at your level, you may fail and get disappointed that everything is unreal and extremely difficult for you. You may give up again.
  • That’s why you should start from the section “for the beginners” even if you are advanced. Let all the exercises gradually surprise your body and your brain.
  1. The work out for just a beginner of fitness! (you can see the warm up on the same page, below the work out video)
  2. Circuit training for the beginners! (in Russian)
  3. Work out for your dream! (in Russian)
  4. 12 exercises for your abs! (in Russian)
  5. Strain every sinew into the fat burning! (in Russian)
  6. Let’s sweat together? (in Russian)
  7. How is that for high! (in Russian)
  8. Strong, flexible, beautiful! For everyone! (in Russian)
  9. Positive exercises on a rainy day. (in Russian)
  • Then you should continue training together with me, choosing a new work out every time as soon as they appear. You may also start from any work out and continue to make them one after another, that is how we train with my clients and I do myself.

As you can see from the photo reports, the quickest results are achieved at trainings, they are then fixed in the course of further work. That is why if you have opportunity and desire to join us in the nearest training!

There are several videos about this kind of our interaction:


The way is complicated, yet beautiful, it demands effort, attention and persistence. I am glad to help you achieve your slimmest results in the shortest possible time if you trust me and will be hardworking trainees open to the new and bold decisions.

I wish you success and motivating results every day!

P.S. There is a way to be always in course of things – to dive into the ocean of work outs. We have online fitness club MagicOnClub, where there is positive, work, centimeters and kilograms, fat burning, slenderness, long legs, strong abs and sport enthusiasm. All these components run into one another forming the powerful wave into the world of dreams come true and model looks.


Join us as soon as possible!

Your Coach,



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