Tell Me What You Eat And I Will Tell You What You Are!

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Hello everyone! Today is the next episode of my “Fit-to-Eat News”.

Today we deal with the psychology of eating.

Ayurveda touches upon the issue of the connection between the character of a person and the food he takes. This science denotes three types of doshas, depending on the person’s character: Vata, Pitta, Kapha.

At our “MagicFitGourmand” we investigated this aspect ourselves. We analyzed ourselves and our character through eating habits and vice versa studied food and its character.

In Ayurveda they consider that the person of a definite type should balance the doshas through certain foodstuff.

We investigated which food and in which way influences our digestion, emotions and character. To be more precise, we’ve found out that dishes change our mood. It’s even more correct to say that the person makes the choice of dishes in accordance with the moment. The foodstuff chosen stands for a certain emotion or state of mind.

Harmonic state choses healthy natural food products, misbalanced state wants “meat and show”.

When there is balance in person’s life, the foodstuff choice is made accordingly. That is why yogis take such food. But there is another way: you can first balance yourself with good healthy and fresh products. If you are able to keep to such kind of a diet for a long time –you will be able to re-built yourself completely. Food is a remedy for your soul.

Still in most cases people first change from within and then adjusts what is around them.

I suggest to follow the way of conscious recognition and perception of the foodstuff one wants at definite moment.

This helped me to reveal myself and my character in a new way. Anybody can see oneself from the outside through the foodstuff.

Open your fridge and get better acquainted with yourself! ))))

Tell me about your conclusions as to your character and the states you are most often in.

Share your knowledge as to this question.

This is just the beginning of our progress.

See you in the next episode!

Your Coach

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