Male roles of the modern women. What have you chosen for yourself?

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Hello Everyone!

On the St Valentine’s Eve I start a topic of sexuality, feminineness and the role of a woman in the modern world.

Let’s start from the analysis of ourselves from the point of view of male and female roles we perform.

Both women and men have both to have 2 constituents.

The balance is that very thing which makes us more women or men.

In the evening of the day when the video was made I was in the women toilet and peered into the face of a “girl” with a man haircut and male features.

«But this is really a guy!» — I thought. «Most likely he feels himself a woman that was the only explanation I found for myself to “her” presence on the women’s territory.

As to this statue, treat it, like Americans have done it, when put it in the public place: with a smile and symbolism as to our training and yourself.

Children (a boy and a girl) played amusingly near the monument, attracting the attention of the adult men)))

I am waiting for your roles to make the conclusions, then we move further on to our Yin part  in the next video!

A very cool topic.

Support it with you thought-over comments.

Your life coach, Milena

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