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Hello Everyone!

My video today is how to purify yourself from within in a right way!

We will activate the systems which purify our body!

     1.       Let’s start from gastrointestinal tract!

Take Hush before meal and Shah after meal (take 2 pills of each, if you have serious problems, you can make 3).

You should take them with the first meal of the day.

This is the first stage – it lasts for about 3 weeks.

Simultaneously use Kun Chechak vaginal or rectal altering it with Rose Oil.

2. The second stage is the purification of the tissues and organs of the excretory systems: nephrons, urinary tract, liver and lungs, by means of Ahrazi (2pills) and Onion Extract (1 pill). They influence the elimination of toxins thorough our cells and
speed up the metabolic processes. Here our blood-vascular system activates to eliminate everything recycled through our organs mentioned above.

While taking Ahrazi and Onion Extract you can add what is needed according to your doctor’s prescription: Zink, Ferrum or the supplements which will cure your individual problem.

Read the description of all the supplements on the IPAR site.

3. The next stage which can begin in several months ( if there are no serious problems, we take 2 Ahrazi and 1 Onion extract  for 2-3 weeks) add Calcium (it’s a complex supplement with all the vitamins) and if you wish you can add something of additional supplements like lycopene, lifigor, D3 vitamin, Chilan…

During the second stage you can take  Kun Chechak  by mouth before a meal 1 time a day. It’s a powerful remedy, which contains 150 herbs and will continue to purify your body in the most powerful way (everything is individual and I write about my experience).

Rose Oil – brings harmony and influences the mucous coats of bronchovascular system.  You should always have it!

Shah (which will relieve the intestinal tract after overeating), Onion Extract and Zinc, which can mobilize your immunity in 1 day, are also obligatory.

We will deal with each particular problem in more detail later.

The supplements are close to self-treatment and choosing an individual scheme of recovery through personal experience.

I will do my best to find as much information as possible on every supplement and due to our personal experience of taking them we will make individual schemes for particular cases.

I think that every IPAR supplement treats, it’s proved by the quality of these products and they make you only good.

There are people, who took only Shah and Hush and stopped and they consider to have purified enough.

Our body has breathed with city smoke for years, ate and drank various unhealthy things and you should help it in various ways.

They are: more physical activity, bath, sauna bath, more healthy food.

My nutrition and health condition have changed after these supplements.

It’s now harmonic and healthy!

Here is my yesterday mix of quinoa, Lucerne seeds, amaranth with mini pumpkin and mozzarella.

тыква +

Almost every day I fill my body with various healthful things and organize my nutrition in a more consistent way, keeping proper hours: «The Latest Know-How for Keeping Intervals Between Meals».

Leave comments, ask questions, and make suggestions.

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