How to Lose Weight in a Week

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Hello Everyone!

Today my video-answer right now for every sufferer!

I am often asked:

  • Can extra 10 kilos be lost until next weekend
  • Please create a weight loss program for me so that I get rid of 15 kilos in a month
  • Please advise what I should do: I need to lose weight before my birthday which is in 2 weeks
  • I want to lose 5 kilos in 3 days, is it possible?

My answer is YES, It’s possible!

For this you need:

  1. To become superorganized person, who does exactly what he has planned to
  2. To work out a plan of trainings, which increase metabolism 3 or 4 times!
  3. To eat what yogis eat at the highest level of their spiritual development
  4. You should learn to vibrate at the wave frequency of the person with the shape and look, you want to get, and very quickly (in 1 or 2 days), you should also get rid of all the attitudes, programs and fears, which hide in your fat rolls. Only then your body will adjust to your wish and inner state of a successful person never having extra weight!

You should only follow these 4points and you are a celebrity!

You should also add massage, LPG, so that your skin can lift. But on the condition of such psychological transition you skin will also catch up with your weight loss.

Good luck!

Do you understand what I am about?

Such quick transitions when you are pressed on time and extremely pressed with the desire to have it all, can only happen when your motivation is really strong! Your inner state should really change and adjust to the new healthy and fit wave.

From my own experience I can say that it’s really the state impossible to compare to anything and unknown to me before a certain moment. When I found the way of training, I share with you on my site, I got to know how it is to be fit, to feel your own ribs with your muscles while twisting, to have belly tight, to have no fat rolls on your hips, when you sit, to feel your muscles, not extra centimeters.

When I weighed more, my focus was on the things which stood in my light. There were no such impressions, feelings and attitudes, which a fit person has.

I did not know this state of being free, of a flight, of lightness, the state “I-can-do-everything”, “I-love-myself”!

That is the only alteration, which has to happen inside when you want to change yourself quickly.

If you can keep everything under control before the time when you need the result and you can cope with the task only due to your will-power remaining unchanged inside, will you be able not to give up and to maintain the result?

I know only one exception; I guess this is possible in the great show business, when great money is at stake. Possibly, for 1million dollars anybody will be able to do it.

I suggest you to go the way of much more harmony, comfortable for your body and for your mind. One aspect should go in line with the other.

That is the main reason of all diets’ failure. I like very much what Allen Allen Carr wrote in his book “No More Diets: The Easy way To Lose Weight”.

“Recall all the advertising flood in the recent years, persuading you of the effectiveness of a great many of diets. Think for a moment, if just one of them worked there was no problem of extra weight in the world at all by now!”

You put your body under restrictions not usual for it. Though you can come to the nutrition, which will look like a diet, but it will be perceived by your body and mind with comfort. Most likely it’s not going to happen in a single day!

Your body and mind need time for transition. It’s not a computer, which is possible to reboot in several minutes. All the programs we have inside are linked to each other. Your wish alone will not change such a complex creature as Homo sapiens in a blink of an eye!

Every action has its consequences!

Put easier tasks in front of yourself, so that you can reach it, gain self-esteem and move further on!

Your fitness trainer,

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