How can bad habits form? What can parents’ punishments result in?

Hello Everyone!
Most likely you’ve heard already Lisa Kalinina and me on the radio.

If you have not yet, download it (just click the words, get on the broadcast page, click the right button on the link and choose “save as”), and then proceed to the video with my speculations about the bad habits and how they are incurred in our perfect bodies


* this video has captions, you can turn them on by clicking the captions icon at the bottom of the video.

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I am extremely interested in your answers to the following 2 questions:

  • How did parents punish you with prohibitions and how do you deal with this now?
  • How do you bring up your children and do you see any signs how their behavior becomes a habit.


After that program on the radio I had some kind of paradigm shift and I was firm in my promise to myself not to drink coffee, not to take non-natural sweets and even a glass of wine — 100ml — is not what suits into my new life and my new perception of it.

The coffee habit has appeared in my life under a stress situation, as if I wanted to intensify it. Actually it was what really happened. But it’s not tasty at all. My body does not like it. For me it’s a great step forward.

With sweets it’s easy.


I started to bake my favourite strudels – now even more easy – I just cut apples, bananas, pears and even kiwis and roll them up into the dough.


And one more point – fruit sauces without sugar or with minimum content of fructose – sour delicacy.

Also cocoa addities from our MagicOnShop – very tasty chocolate with pomegranate, have you tried it?


I mix several kinds of jam and add the pieces of it there.

I also add a cup of tea.

And the healthy desert nourishes all the cells with mineral nutrients and delicious taste.

As to the wine – I even tried and detected the moment when the shift in the desire appears:

  • A sip of wine has remained, but there is still some food
  • You need to add wine
  • According to my sensations the heartburn appeared even from 50  ml
  • The food put aside – helped to make me new choice
  • The appetite did not appear before the next sip and bite
  • But the sense of fullness came from less amount of food

In the several last days I chose only healthy food.


I take photos of everything and get ready for the new edible analysis in March.

I will come back prepared)

I want to draw your attention to the fact that it’s easy to change 1 component in your nutrition.

Let’s stop eating everything sweet, which is not natural, made of flour and sugar before end of January. Then we will share our impressions.

Put +1  and act!

See you on the 31 of January.

Your life coach, Milena.

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