Hi, everyone!

I am Milena.

мозг и штанга

I would like to tell you a little about this site and the new challenge I now take.

To make the long story short I would just tell you that I am Russian fitness trainer and psychologist having online fitness club.So who am I?

I am happy and proud to admit that I have found my own, extremely effective approach, which combines training, nutrition and psychology in weight loss.

It’s my firm belief that this trinity complements each other in fat burning process and contributes to really speedy motivating results in every sphere of your life. This is proved by my clients. Together with them we work out the habit to be healthy, beautiful, strong, emotional, energetic, successful and positive!

 You may read more about my project MagicOnFit in the article «About the project».

The main directions of my work are life coaching and training. You can read more about this and get better understanding of my philos

ophy in the article «Unique Training Technique: Mindset And Fitness» and read also «The Guide For Beginners!»

This summer I got to know that my training and philosophy is interesting to English speaking people. This fact made me take the next step in my own development as well as in the development of my project. The result was my first video in English «About me and main techniques in my online MOClub».

As it has been mentioned already, my philosophy is training, nutrition and psychology, you can find some videos on male and female roles we perform in or life: Male roles of modern women. What have you chosen for yourself? and Are you compatible with feminineness? Add up you Yin features to our thrift-box.

i am ready to discuss

I am always with my clients. It’s just a way of my life, I like it and I always do what I like.

This site was initially started in Russian and now I take the challenge to make the English version as well to share my knowledge with you.

I am fond of everything natural. You can find my video-answer  «How to Lose Weight in a Week», though I admit it’s possible, I prefer healthy and reasonable way of getting rid of extra weight.

You are sure to achieve better result without a yo-yo effect, with regular workouts. Visit the page – “What does the weight loss begin with in the training process? – Workouts regularity.” To get to know more about it.

Until recently I was against any additional supplements, but I opened the IPAR biotech products for myself. With IPAR you can not onlybenefit to your health, but improve your finances as well. My attention was initially attracted by the fact that there are only natural components in the supplements and cosmetics, later on preventive and even medical effect became evident. The new idea to be united with my team in this new healthy movement fascinated me and the video Let me introduce you IPAR products appeared.

You can now also watch my practical advice How to purify your body from within step by step. Natural Supplements IPAR

тыква +

I have lots of articles touching upon the aspect of our nutrition and eating habits, videos on the topic, I share my eating diaries as well. Now the first video called «Fit-to-Eat News» is already available with English subtitles.

My workouts are always a challenge which helps you make your results better, extend your maximum and reveal the potential you have.  You may join us at «My first english clients — easy workout for every age!»


I share certain psychological tricks with my clients and my team, though usually I do it at our trainings, some videos are open for everybody.  

In this video I speculate about «How bad habits can form? What can parents’ punishments result in?»  Your opinion is interesting for me, share  you thoughts!

In my latest video «Do You Want to Become Cheerful in a Finger Snap? Learn To Manage Your State Through Your Body!»  I start to acquaint you with the techniques of your inner state management, which can help you reach any ambitious aim due to the opening your unlimited resource potential.

Some more information on the topic can be found here: “How to make your body obey in a Finger Snap. Let’s program our body and mind for action.”  About the positive Stress at the workout and how it influences our real life you can learn here. 

I am sure you can always improve your own genetics and live in harmony with the inner world you have. Through the exercising I help my clients grow and then they can apply their experience from our trainings in various other spheres of their life, like business, relations or whatever.

I will be glad to meet you in our MagicOnClub.

We plan to update this page on a regular basis, keep following us.

Join our journey to model look and dream-like life!

Your Coach,

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