Do You Want To Become Cheerful In A Finger Snap? Learn To Manage Your State Through Your Body!

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Hello Everyone!

Today I have a coaching task for you!

Let’s make some cognitive tasks with me!

Are you ready?

заряжающая бодрость

Let’s do it with me at once.

So what will be your first chair like?)))


Fulfilling the tasks of this lesson , you will learn to manage yourself, to adjust your own level of activity, motion, actions and creativity!

With such easy adjustments you create yourself and your character!

I will give some more creative lessons like this to the participants of the training “Unlimited Resource Potential” and I will also add this course of state management to the “Cheerful Morning Awakening”.

Coming soon in MagicOnFit (I am working on the page and will then give you out the full-rate Cheer)!

See you in the next video!

Your Coach, Milena

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