About the project


The project MagicOnFit combines training, nutrition and psychology in weight loss.

This trinity complements each other in fat burning process and contributes to really speedy motivating results in fitness, losing weight, emotional overeating, finding your own diet as a way of life.

 Training is represented in our online fitness club MagicOnClub (MOClub), in which we train all the year round.

MOClub is a system of interval training, combining Strength and Cardio parts, Yoga, Pilates, Postural training, in fact all kinds of fitness in dynamic progressive methodology of loosing weight.

The basic point of it – is working at your maximum in a short interval of time. Alteration of the maximum strength with the maximum stamina allows to burn up to 1000 calories in 30 minutes due to the long-term physiological effect. The metabolism increases when you do the intervals and the fat burning process can go on up to 48 hours after the training!

We train 3-6 times a week for 25-40 minutes. Every session includes exercises for the 2 levels: beginner and advanced. You can join us at our “Open week in the Club” and get the results immediately at the very first training, then just join our club here.

 Nutrition – this is the basis which holds up your results. It’s my firm belief that not a single diet, as a restriction in food, works for a healthy weight loss and size reduction.

I lost 15 kilos myself and I know for sure that food restrictions cause metabolism slowing down and a reverse reaction of gaining weight. This is the basic characteristic of the metabolic activity protective resources. Food restrictions are taken for hunger by our body and every system switches on the fat preserving mode.

That is why everything I advise in the aspect of food is of psychological character. We analyze the balance of proteins, fat, carbohydrates, ingredients and in fact we re-train our body to work for weight reduction achieved at the training and maintaining the result.

On my site I have published my food diaries, read and eat with pleasure!!

 Psychology – is represented in my online training in losing weight, courses in intuitive eating, management, on-camera sessions, meditations and sections of fitness psychology in video-lessons and articles.

The basis of this area is discipline or habit! The habit to be healthy, beautiful, strong, emotional, energetic and positive!

This is my favourite part of work which I implement even in to my 30-second exercise interval at the training.

We all consist of behavioral habits.
If you have got used to eating more than moving, to having passive rest, living by inertia, to eating for stress relieve instead of solving problems, having active rest, devoting time to your hobby. The only thing you should do is to turn your back on to the old habits in the behavior of the person with extra weight and fat in his mind and start making steps as a person keeping fit.
In every lesson and task I teach you how to focus on your Aim, your Body shape, your Dream, making gentle corrections on your way, though sometimes strong and loud!

I am glad to meet you in my MagicOnFit project !

I would like to introduce you our site structure a little.

First you can get acquainted with the materials in the section “What to start with?”
It contains video-answers to the most usual questions, trainings for the very beginners of fitness and everything you need to start in the right way.

To get inspired, please look at the section “Our Clients”, make your photo “before” and go ahead with training::

  • In our “Open week in the Club” You can make trainings and watch video tutorials. They will help you to dismantle fitness myths and reorganize yourself to burn extra fat 24 hours a day.
  • In the training  “Minus 30 kilos in 30 minutes” for the very beginners and those who have a lot of extra weight. This is my most overwhelming training bringing the results of minus 6-13 centimeters all over your body and minus 3-5 kilos in a week. To take the first part of the training it’s enough to register on the site. To proceed to the second season you should first work out all the video lessons and make all the tasks from the 1st one.
  • In the program  “Home Training Rocks!” you can find the most detailed analysis of how we work with our body, which will help you to get to the next level of strength, body shape and knowledge.

Paid products of the MagicOnFit project you can find in the section “To Buy”.

To get all the latest updates as to the newest techniques, to be in the line with the progress and to live a healthy way of life, please sign in for our newsletters.

I wish you the most speedy and motivating results!

Waiting for you next training.

Your Coach Milena.

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