About me and main techniques in my online MOClub

Hi, everyone!

Wish you the best day in your healthy life style!

And will be glad to see you in my workouts!

Today I start to introduce you our MagicOnClub and healthy successful mind with your self-perfection with us!

I like to use russian style in English, and promise to work on an easy brief English.

Now I am waiting for your support in this direction of understanding how my methods works!

i am ready to discuss

May be you’d like to ask me about something that resonated in my talking video!

I am ready to discuss your comments!

See My first english clients — easy workout for every age!

Thank you for support!

Your Coach, Milena


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  1. WOW! It’s a great step-change in total project development! Very like!
    It’s a right time to start, and don’t care about your English, it will be improved simply and naturally behind regular practice.
    A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step :-) And you did it!

    YOUR techniques and methods are wonderful!! *BRAVO* We are all happy!!! :thanks: :thanks:

  3. Меня заставили вспомнить английский %)
    Я его похоронила если честно,из-за убеждения и плохой ситуации с учителем.
    Спасибо Милена,напомнили

  4. YE! Ну вот и настал тот день,когда мне все таки придетсЯ выучить английский до конца!Расширяем границы *YAHOO!*

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